Hello my name is Jason Mc Keon..
I just wanted to explain the insight I had while coming up with this website!

While growing up in rural Ireland in the 90’s there was very little choice in sports clubs. It was either play Gaa or Soccer which wouldn’t be ideal in this age.

I didn’t think much of it until recently when I ruptured my Achilles while training for my local Gaa club after about 6 months of rest I decided to look for both a Physiotherapist and maybe take up a less Physical sport in the meantime.

From the get go I found it difficult to find both in my area and after numerous searches on the Internet i came up with idea of having a website to list every Sport available throughout Ireland and make it easy for people to search for Sports in your local area and throughout Ireland. This also goes for Sports injury specialist’s and Sports shops.

My goal Is for people of all ages to easily find new sports and hobbies but also have an opportunity to create new sporting organisations and advertise on my website a club that may be lacking in their area or even throughout Ireland.