The Carrick-on- Suir of 1958 was an inauspicious location to found a Motor Club.Car ownership was the preserve of farmers and business people and there was no history of motor sport in the area. However it was the brain wave of the late John Lonergan and Mickey Wallace to do so, and the Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club has stood the test of time.

That evening, when conversation turned to the founding of, what were known as "lightcar and motorcycle clubs" reflected the needs of motorsport enthusiasts of that time. Like-minded friends and acquaintances’ were canvassed for their supportand the initial meeting was held in the Manor Home of the Butler Family, Carrick Castle.

The attendees of the meeting became the first committee and all remained members of the Carrick-on-Suir Light Car and Motorcycle Club for their lifetime.


Carrick On Suir Motor Club, Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny

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