Galway Climbing Co-Op is a members only not for profit Mountaineering Ireland club and open to all bouldering enthusiasts to join independent of their climbing level. All membership fees etc. are put back into the development of the club. We are not open to the general public but if you would like to try us you can do a trial session

There is a long tradition of climbing and bouldering in Ireland. However, climbing and bouldering strongly depend on weather conditions, which are often not ideal the west of Ireland. To enjoy this sport year round, and to improve bouldering skills, an indoor wall is essential. And this is where we come in.

Typically, bouldering does not involve climbing very high. Climbing is on large boulders or traversing rock faces.

Indoor bouldering is done without ropes and harnesses performed above a safety mat on the floor.

Bouldering is a very social activity and is non-competitive in nature. Male and female, young and old and people of differing abilities can all boulder together happily.


Galway Climbing Coop, Galway

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