The Ribbontail Paddlers Canoe Club was formed in the summer of 2010 by a group of families within the communities of Longwood and Enfield to promote and encourage participation by all ages and abilities in canoeing and to provide a safe, healthy and fun learning environment for members. The Club is a non-profit organisation and is affiliated to the Irish Canoe Union (ICU). The Club's main home is near the Boyne Aqueduct at Longwood, Co. Meath.
During the Winter season, training sessions are carried out in local swimming pools. In the spring and summer, activities include leisure canoeing on the Royal Canal, some river trips on the Liffey, sea kayaking, weekend trips and a Paddlefest competition in September.
The Club has access to a number of plastic kayaks, composite kayaks, and assorted competition kayaks as well as a set of helmets, paddles and personal flotation devices for juniors.
The Club receives sponsorship from Intel and Waterways Ireland


Ribbontail Paddlers Canoe Club, Boolykeagh, Boleykeogh, Co. Meath

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