Shamrock Diving Club is an independent volunteer organisation and is not responsible for the delivery of daily teaching/ coaching sessions. The clubs role is to facilitate the athlete’s registration to the National Governing Body, Swim Ireland, which is compulsory for anyone wishing to participate in competitive diving. The club aims to promote a positive experience for all those involved in the “Diving Training Squads” by running social events, providing club kit and organising the logistics behind competitions at home or away


The National Sports Campus is responsible for the management and delivery of “The Learn to Dive Academy” and “The Diving Training Squads” that operate at the National Aquatic Centre. The programme is delivered by a team of professional coaches, led by Olympic coach Damian Ball. For the purpose of competition diving, athletes from the “Diving Training Squads” are invited to become members of Shamrock Diving Club.


Shamrock Diving Club - Dryland Centre, Irish Sports Campus, Snugborough Rd, Abbotstown, Dublin 15

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