Kids thrive when they have a sporting discipline in their lives, and it's proven that children who partake in organised sports have some great advantages over those who don't.
1. Discipline - children learn the importance of systems, of sharing and of waiting their turn. This is a great tool especially for children who do not socialise as much or those without siblings.
2. Communication - children learn to communicate better as part of a team; being able to tell coaches if they find something difficult or need help; being able to communicate to other team members when they need to work together.
3. Social Skills - children are immersed into a community where there is consequences for actions and where they must rely on each other for support and progression. The community progresses together when the children support each other.
4. Health benefits: Core Stability; Flexibility; Strength; Balance; Cardio Fitness; Mental Agility; Joint Mobility; Healthy Sleep Patterns; and gymnastics even promotes regular bowel movements (who knew?)!


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